Support a cause. Hearts matter

Hello my Eye Candy’s. I wanted to share a story with you today. In 2014, My friend suffered cardiac arrest while playing basketball. He was healthy and in-shape but didn’t realize that rest is very well needed for your heart to burn less energy and work propoerly. He woke up 2 days later in a hospital with an electric box implanted in my body attached to his heart. Doctors told him that it is a defibrillator and it shocks me just incase my heart goes out again. He was lucky because 95% of sudden cardiac arrest victims don’t make it and He’s very fortunate he just so happen to be one of the 5%. His effort is to help that number grow so those are aware and are able to receive the same help he have. Therefore, he’s put his favorite slogan on a tee “kinfolk” and it comes in black and white to make the statement “it’s black and white that we’reall kinfolk!” (We’re family). He is selling these tee shirts for $20 and a percentage goes to a local heart foundation of his choosing. These shirts never shrink, the logo never chips. If interested in helping his #WeAllKinfolk movement. Please send a email including the size, name, address, and quatity to You can also reach him on Instagram at @dablacktop. It also comes in kid sizes for $15. Would you like to help a heart today? Below is a picture of the tshirts. 


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