O.M.G ItWorks just took it to a whole new level. 

I don’t normally mix my businesses together but this deal is to good to pass up. Some of you may no that I’m an Independent Distributor for ItWorks company. We wrap people, they see results, we get paid! I have made so many friendships because of this business & have so much fun. For the first time ever the business kit is only $9.99 which includes 4 wraps you can sell for $25 each. Some of my girls presell the wraps and use that money to sign up! I’m trying to help as many people as possible make some extra money & this is a way to get started for free. That’s a $90 savings and you can make $100. It’s practically risk free. If you are interested in joining me team please comment, send me a email or join at my website http://www.MoniquesEyeCandy.ItWorks.com 🙂

💟Ways to promote your business💟
🌟Wrap parties/appointments

🌟Online facebook parties

🌟Run a booth at an event

🌟Talk to strangers in public (store, restaurant, gym, etc)

🌟Social media (IG/FB)

🌟Post up flyers

🌟Go to tanning salons/hair salons


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