Royal Wedding fashion

Today we got the chance to see some beautiful fashion at the #royalwedding. I’m going to share with you all some of my favorite looks and hats.

Serena Williams had two beautiful looks one for the wedding and the reception. I love the reception looks most because I’m obsessed with floral and the braids were beautiful.

Next look is the bride herself. To be honest I was a little disappointed in the plain look. I wish it was a little more custom made with a unique touch. I liked her reception dress a little more.

Next I have the beautiful #Priyankachopra who is one of my favorite actors. I absolutely loved her reception look most out of everyone. She looked like the princess.

Next is Isdris and his fiancĂ©. I love her look even though I don’t think it was fit for a royal wedding.

Next is the beautiful Clooney’s. I love the color yellow for Spring. They coordinated so well and the hat was so beautiful.

Next is the Beckhams looked beautiful.

Next is Kitty in her Dolce and gabana guess with my favorite hat look.

Next is the fabulous Oprah with her lovely hat.

Lastly is the mother of the bride.

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MetGala 2017 fashion 

Good morning my Eye Candy’s. Let’s get to it. Last night May 1,2017 was the 2017 #MetGala. I had a few favorite looks and a few not so favorites. Versace looks were my favorite one being worn by Serena Williams in the Emerald green custom made #Atelierversace dress.

 Kylie Jenner in the Rose gold custom made #Atelierversace dress as well. Both dresses looked amazing on the carpet. 

Did you see @priyankachopra in that Ralph Lauren coat dress with the long train? She slayed the carpet and thought outside of the box. 

My next favorite was LaLa Anthony in the beautiful black sheer lace dress. 

Now let’s get into my not so favorite looks of the night. First is Bella Hadid in the black bodysuit. 

Second was Zendaya’s Bird and floral print dress. I didn’t no if I liked or hated it. 

Lastly was Rihanna’s big floral dress. I know she was sticking to the theme and honoring the Japanese designer but it was to much for me. 

Let me know who your favorite looks were.